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Dao of The Salted Fish

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M/M (BL), Cultivation (Xianxia)

Wen Zhihao is tired of life. When he dies…meh. That’s life.

But when he gets transmigrated into the body of a young cultivator of the prestigious Golden Sun Sect, full of possibilities…no thanks! He has no effort/energy to work hard on cultivation! He just wants to be a salted fish!

…it turns out sleeping = meditation and absently watching beautiful scenery = meditation.

And meditation = cultivation…

This is not the Dao of Indifference. This is the Dao of the Salted Fish!! With calm emotions, Wen Zhihao accidentally cultivates strongly!

…but he’s still a salted fish, bah. Don’t make him fight!

Feat: slow build / slice of life~

( Made with Carrd )